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Re: Aikido and Golf !!

Hi Mike,
Mike Sigman wrote:
A couple of years ago I saw someone touting a golf-club that was hinged on the shaft. The idea was that you had to swing the club so that you kept the clubhead in line with the shaft.


I was intrigued because essentially to hit like that means that you have to keep the momentum fronted and in the club-head to hit the ball. For all practical purposes, in a rotational swing, they are keeping their "ki" (as it can be used in this sense) in the clubhead.
Hmm, does that mean it was hinged in one plane so the clubhead would swing back and forth in the plane the club is swung? So that it you put too much force in, the head would lag, and too little would mean the head would "get ahead" of the shaft's arc?

Or was it more like a universal joint?

Dave Findlay
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