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Deb Fisher
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Edward wrote:

"In my own humble personal observation, I think only the people with some psychological or personal problems or lacking something in their lives stay (including myself)

People who have other more interesting stuff to do in their lives, such as being married to a beautiful woman , having social and cultural activities... etc. do not stay long.

People who have inferiority complexes or other complexes stay, people who have political ambitions in the dojo stay, lonely people who have nothing else to do stay... etc."

Edward, what you say has its own gothic poetic beauty, but it's really not true - at least in my situation.

I have friends and social opportunities, a wicked busy career, a beautiful love to dote on... I make time for aikido because it helps me to do all these other things better.

I mean, I will be the first to admit that aikido has a lot of potential to be dorky, but very very few of the people I train with are actually losers with nothing else going on.

Deb Fisher
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