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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Ok , fine. I'll bring it back on topic. If you disagree with JLB about the place of ILC in the internal arts, please start a thread on that.

Internal Strength might possibly allow you to beat me up. I dont think thats the differentiating point.
Its how you use your body. There are different levels to this; if you have mastery of all these things, all the more power to you (quite). If you want to help us poor non internal strength Aikidoka see the light, well thank you.

Joseph is a real person, not a fictional character here to goad you. I am real enough. I'm not interested in jerking your chain. Mike Sigman's blog posts have nothing in there that you dont do; great! I didnt know 1/10 of this stuff 10 years ago; and these blogs are putting out information that was not being shared openly before, at least where I could see them. They are good posts, informative and not appealing to claims of invincibility nor making threats to anyone.

Dont be so sensitive; people here are being told Aikido has nothing in it; and that we're all fools. Youre all getting emotional about not being acknowledged as the best of the best. Thats just downright silly.

Alfonso Adriasola
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