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Re: Aikido & Pilates

Hi ron--happy new year!
I continue to be an essentially lazy sod who happens to love aikido...I worked 1:1 with a Pilates person every wk or two for around three months (til the $ ran out...) and I've got a 15 minute Pilates routine that I do at home a couple times a wk. I also do trigger point release with a ball or a roller as needed. I'm finding that I don't do this too thoroughly or often, as it appears that a certain amount of the "offness" is actually protecting my bad knee: When I have fully released hips, low back, itb, etc, I end up with weird things happening in the support tendons and ligaments of the bad knee that make me nervous.
I DO find that the fundamentals of pilates (and from what I know of gyrotonics from a gal at our dojo who teaches it, its similar) really enhance aikido.

Janet Rosen
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