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Originally posted by mariko nakamura
Dear Peter,
Is there any way that I can get a copy of this book you are talking about. I went to the book stores around here but I couldn't find what your talking about. Toyama is a pretty small city, we dont have hardly any Aikido books here.

I would think that the 1978 reprint with translation of "Budo Renshu" is out of print, difficult to find, and expensive if you do manage to find a copy (my new copy cost 15,000 yen). I would think a serious attempt to find this book would necessitate a trip round the used book shops in Kanda, Tokyo, or a trawl through the Japanese Internet.

However, there is an English version of the book entitled, "Budo Training in Aikido" and this might still be available. Perhaps you should try all the various sites of to start with.

As for martial arts books in Toyama, you have my sympathy. We have the same problem here in Hiroshima and I think it is rather bigger than Toyama. I think the local Maruzen rearranges all the English books occasionally, just to make people think some new ones have arrived.

For English books on relatively arcane subjects like the martial arts, I have to go to Tokyo, usually to Kitazawa in Jimbocho, or the big Kinokuniya in Times Square, Shinjuku.

Best regards and good hunting,

Peter Goldsbury

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