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Re: Re: What "kajo" means?

Originally posted by mle

Kyo is not, if I understand correctly (and may be dead wrong) the same kyo as religion (as in Omoto Kyo).

The Chinese characters are the same and the meaning is related.

The character 教 has the Japanese reading of oshieru, meaning 'to teach, give lessons', and also osowaru, meaning to learn, to take lessons. So, in this sense, 'ikkyo' could conceivably mean 'the first thing we learn'.

The Kojien, p.686, gives the following definition of 'kyou'.

教 (きょう = kYOU)

1. おしえること oshierukoto = teaching.
The compounds 教育 (kyouiku = education), 教員 (kyouin = teacher) are given as examples.

2. 神仏などの教え Shinbutsu-nado-no-oshie =
the teachings of gods and buddhas.
The compounds 教会 (kyoukai = church), 宗教 (shuukyou = religion), キリスト教 (kirisuto-kyou = Christianity) are given as examples.

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