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The edition I have of "Budo Renshu" is the facsimile reproduction with English translation, published in 1978. The Japanese text is very interesting. The Preface, the section entitled "Essence of the Techniques", and the comments on the 166 techniques were all hand written by the same person. In "Aikido Masters", this person is stated my Takako Kunigoshi to be "a friend of a Mr Takamatsu" who was "the owner of a confectionery shop in the Yotsuya area". O Sensei got to know of the book project and became involved with it, but it is clear from the conversations with Ms. Kunigoshi that he did not write the text. The only thing by O Sensei is the "Secret Teaching of Budo".

Incidentally, I should correct a mistake I made in my earlier post. Ms. Kunigoshi states in her interview in "Modern Masters" that O Sensei used the terms 'Ikkajo' and 'nikajo' but that is all. He did not use the current nomenclature.

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