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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

No i don't believe it will fail under stress. In fact just the opposite. I am searching for ways to make it successful. Again, I think there is an extreme misunderstanding in the methods of analysis or critique that I am presenting. I apologize if that is not clear.

I am one to take a very direct path towards getting to the core of an issue. My method of reasoning is not to disprove IS, but to earnestly seek knowledge and wisdom in how to integrate this.

Having suffered a few fairly serious injuries that have limited my training, I have found new ways of moving and responding to things, I am interesting in expanding my knowledge and abilities. I have found that first person experience is the only way to get to this; not through third person experience. Thus, I tend to deal with issues in a very direct way to not waste time dealing with unnecessary or useless information that simply is not helpful.

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