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Lee Salzman
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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

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Sua Sponte to you to Ranger!

I think what I am saying is being misunderstood. It is not about proving that Dan can or cannot roll up some high level BJJ guy. I could careless about that. Frankly, with the folks I know that attend the seminars, that would not be suprising. I am way past that. What I'd want to know from that guy is how, how does it apply and how do you integrate it.

That is not what I am discussing.

Why is it important to me to understand this? Simply because BJJ is a context that I can relate to and understand. It is a form of movement that I can relate to.

So, when you say "wow, it works in BJJ, I saw it work! I saw Dan roll up black belt X at a seminar." what? It is second hand information. I want to talk to the guy that got rolled up. I want to know what his opinion is. I want him to deconstruct it and then be able to reproduce it under conditions and measures that are customary within the scope of BJJ.
Find the nearest flagpole or small tree in your vicinity. Push or pull on it to your heart's content, try to throw it, do whatever. That's pretty much the feel we are going for with basic IP stuff. While you are doing this, you may notice that your attempts to manipulate it cause you to lose your balance yourself because you push or pull yourself off your own base in the process. Now imagine the flagpole or tree is actually moving all the while this is going on, actually skilled in BJJ by itself, so it is able to actually do productive things while you are wrapped around it kind of helplessly. Why is that so hard to see the expediency of as something that is useful in a BJJ context?
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