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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Other than that, it is simply a waste of time to discuss. I really think many of you guys are being way too assumptive about what is being said here. Way too defensive about the validation issues. I am way past that.

If we are going to have productive conversations they need to occur on a deeper level than second hand observation or testimony. Does that make sense?

Also, i certainly didn't mean to jump all over this thread from what was obviously a productive and good seminar. I think though when someone ask "how do you know?" that the question should be answered in a concise way that frames the context appropriately based on ones experience.

I think the kind of discussion you would like to have here will and can not happen. I think these kinds of discussions for you will happen after you hook up with Dan and the venue will not be here. It is just what it is......

Have a great Christmas .......
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