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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Look Kevin...Again I have nothing personal with Demetrio. He makes good points, the same questions I've asked. And I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I work in a field that requires "Peer Reviews" at every stage of the process. ( EW Development for the NAVY... yes I am a nerd. ) And yes my 35+ (or 40 I can't remember LOL ) years of experience counts for something. But it is still just my experience. If that has taught me anything it is that I should be sceptical of any claim of Martial Prowess on the internet.

So in answer to that statement who is we? You and a few others? Well...Simple...Bring the best BJJ person you know to Dan's next Seminar in your area. Make sure they have an open mind, and get your questions answered in less than a couple of minutes.

He's coming out in March and I am inviting Top Level Instructors in BJJ, MMA, Bagua, Boxing (yes Dan works with Boxers), Kung Fu San Soo, and various Aikido practices. That's what Dan wants. He's stated that he wants Top Level people at his workshops not just us "little people" (LOL) so that they can see the value and benefit of what he teaches, and hopefully his practice will spread through them to their students.

In the meantime... Suggesting that we have some kind of "Peer Review" process every time someone posts a personal experience is not the solution.; As my friend Ellis says (he coined the phrase for me IMHO) "It Had to be Felt".

Sua Sponte Sir and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all.

WIlliam Hazen
Sua Sponte to you to Ranger!

I think what I am saying is being misunderstood. It is not about proving that Dan can or cannot roll up some high level BJJ guy. I could careless about that. Frankly, with the folks I know that attend the seminars, that would not be suprising. I am way past that. What I'd want to know from that guy is how, how does it apply and how do you integrate it.

That is not what I am discussing.

Why is it important to me to understand this? Simply because BJJ is a context that I can relate to and understand. It is a form of movement that I can relate to.

So, when you say "wow, it works in BJJ, I saw it work! I saw Dan roll up black belt X at a seminar." what? It is second hand information. I want to talk to the guy that got rolled up. I want to know what his opinion is. I want him to deconstruct it and then be able to reproduce it under conditions and measures that are customary within the scope of BJJ.

Other than that, it is simply a waste of time to discuss. I really think many of you guys are being way too assumptive about what is being said here. Way too defensive about the validation issues. I am way past that.

If we are going to have productive conversations they need to occur on a deeper level than second hand observation or testimony. Does that make sense?

Also, i certainly didn't mean to jump all over this thread from what was obviously a productive and good seminar. I think though when someone ask "how do you know?" that the question should be answered in a concise way that frames the context appropriately based on ones experience.


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