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Who brought the Saito a.k.a. Iwama lineage to Europe?

Who were the Saito students who brought the so called Iwama style of aikido to Europe?

I don't suppose Saito sensei ever went to Europe without being invited by someone. So there should have been a European student first... and unless this student travelled to Japan to train with Saito, without prior experience of this line of aikido, this student must have had someone else as teacher first.

There has been at least one Japanese student of Saito sensei who became a European resident: Tomita sensei came to Sweden in late 60s, and still lives and teaches in Sweden. Has there been other Japanese Saito students living and teaching in Europe?

Other than Saito sensei, who were the teachers of other big European Iwama names, like Paolo Corralini? Unless they went to Iwama without prior experience of this line of aikido, they should have had a teacher(s) in Europe from the Saito lineage. So who were they, the Saito lineage pioneers in Europe?
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