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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

:-) you're too kind sir, I'm not even dan ranked yet, and I do owe you thanks for your posts the last few months for making a lot of things click, things that my teachers (both american aikidoists BTW) have been really patient at teaching and they actually do and I get to experience at every class.
Of course it's usually something out of the ordinary that makes me see what Rick and Shari teach ( I can already hear them say.. hey I've been telling that to you for years! ). I'd be more than glad to meet you if you come over, my teachers are very friendly too. I even have a sempai (hi Bruce) who's supplementing his aikido with Yi-Quan , so I get to ask someone with practical experience about the standing postures (he's really hard to throw BTW) .

I have a theory, that this all hangs together. I'm pretty sure it does , when despite politics,.styles, age ,personality and talking points things hinge together and fit. It can't be coincidence, and the chinese arts thought different seem to be working with similar tools

Again, I don't think this stuff should be foreign to Aikidoists.. I admit I don't go out much, but a lot of excellent teachers have given seminars at my school, and none of the technical points you bring up seem outrageously different to me.. language maybe the biggest problem.

Alfonso Adriasola
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