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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
My asking for people to refrain from making things personal is not directed towards whether people are being "upset" nor "honest." Rather, it is about whether people are discussing the topic or the people behind the topic. When posts are filled with "you are" and "you think," I'd reckon that those posts are targeting the person rather than the topic at hand. Doing so, in my mind and experience, often creates unnecessary friction through assumptions, attacks upon the person, and aggression sometimes -- all of which get in the way of civil discussion.

Once again, I am fine with controversial topics and people who have differing opinions. What I am talking about is not that, but rather to make sure that the direction of these discussions remain on-topic rather than becoming personal.

I think you are responding to my posts asking for respectful dialogue with a discussion of what to talk about. Those are two entirely different topics, in my mind. To clarify, again, I am not talking about what people here discuss but how they discuss it. I am all for people saying "what they really think," as long as it's done in a respectful manner -- and that includes (if I may borrow more of your words) those who are being "honest" and being "oversensitive" both.

Hope that helps,

-- Jun
It does, I haven't resorted to insults yet as that would turn the air blue, but we won't go there.... a bit of needle maybe, but insults naaah!