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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a


I don't see these clique's you're talking about. I see people who discuss things, agree and disagree and do so without ever making things personal, what you call "harmless ribbing". It's funny that you constantly try to excuse your actions as "being real" or "harmless ribbing". Nobody here knows you and they're instantly not going to be interested in knowing you when the first things you have to say to anyone is cracking jokes about them being aiki-bunnies and then taking it much further than that in a lot of cases. You quite obviously see that the way you say things, not what you sway, irritates some people, yet you don't care to adjust. You just shrug it off that people don't get you, they're all softies and they need to man up. You know that attitude doesn't work face-to-face, why would you think it would work here? Because you're behind a computer and not face-to-face? You may say that you're the same way all the time, but I just don't buy it. Your intial introduction to people you meet "out there" can't be to automatically start pointing out their faults as you see them. If it were you would have no friends and nobody would want to know you, and I don't get that impression from you. So again, why do you think that sort of thing is acceptable here?

I've been on the internet since before it was the internet and I've seen many a person lose themselves (myself included) behind the facade of semi-anonymous discussions, where they amp up their personality because they know they're talking to people they'll likely never meet. I think that's part of your problem and you don't seem to care to push things further than you would otherwise. It's a shame because with your background, you probably have some good things to say that people would get something out of.

Also, your notion that people should train harder and take their training more seriously isn't anything new here. If you spent some time getting to know people before trying to take the piss out of them you might surprise yourself.