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Cool Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

1. When you see a strait wooden stick, such as a broken broom handle, you automatically refer to it as a jo.

2. When you sit down on the sofa, you first bend one knee up behind you.

3. You commonly walk in shikko at home or work to get from one place to another without standing up.

4. When waiting in line, you think about which techniques you would like to practice tommorow at the dojo.

5. You choose your job based on if it interferes with your training time.

6. In your spare time, you carve bokkens out of branches you find laying on the ground.

7. You have read just about all the information there is on the internet.

8. You think being thrown or pinned feels great.

9. You dream about being thrown or pinned.

10. You consider all of the above to be a good thing and a normal part of life.
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