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Greg Jennings
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Re: Aikikai vs Iwama

George S. Ledyard wrote:
I don't get why the Iwama folks think that they are the last bastion of Kiai, strong attacks, and weapons. <SNIP>

So where did this myth originate? I keep looking around at all of O-Sensei's uchideshi seeking the ones who fit the Iwama description of "Aikikai Aikido" and they are nowhere to be found. This is some sort of myth that Iwama folks like to tell themselves because it makes them feel special and privileged to have studied under Saito Sensei. <SHIP>.
Ledyard Sensei,

A little less generalization would be much appreciated.

Just like you don't like being generalized into some mythical group, I am bothered by being generalized into some mythical "narrow-minded Iwama" group.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled debate,

Greg Jennings
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