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Re: Aikikai vs Iwama

One thing i love about Iwama compared to the other styles ive worked with, is that i feel the grips and attacks are so effective. But so they should be. I always felt that when i trained in other styles the grips were usless as they only seemed to be there so i could do a tech.
In Iwama you cant move or strike when gripped properly, so you learn to move around a strong attack first and also learn how to control with grips. Apperentl this is one of the fastest ways to learn and become powerful, by giving the attacker the upper hand and holding very strong through out the tech, you will find mistakes very very quickly
Both myself and my other club teacher have used aiki for real but we both used grips. he used kata dori, as he held almost side on the guy could not touch him. I used mortodori, once again becuase i wasnt standing directly infront og him he could not punch or kick although he certainly tried. THATS ENOUGH EVIDENCE FOR ME.
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