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Re: Aikikai vs Iwama

There is a little truth in most of that george.

Its true that Osensei was always evolving, but he always stressed that the reason for his changing and his ability to evolve and living in KI was because he always trained in Katai (kihon). This is what led to the highest form of KI. He never stopped this way all the way up to his last class in Iwama in the end of the 60s everyone was still made to KIAI always. and always start every tech with hard solid gripping. Before the next 2 levels. Then naturally evolving into The ultimate KI. But once again as he stressed he achieved this through constent understanding and practice of aikiken and aikijo and of course KIHON for over 50 YEARS. It was not Osensei who changed this and started to practice without strong grips and strong Kiai and no weapons. IT was Doshu and Tohei. So yes it is very unfair to say Iwama is the only good Aikido out there That would be total balls. But it is definatly fair to say it is the most unchanged Aikido. People forget that the hard and very different training that was being taught in Iwama in the forties never stopped at anytime even in the sixties when the Hombu was so clearly different. so why when Osensie was alive did he insist that His students in his home dojo of Iwama train so different to what he allowed in Tokyo?

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