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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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I'd just like to thank Jesse from the bottom of my heart for necro'ing this thread.
He earns the golden-hakama award too for including a variation of 'grab my wrist';

Alberto is making a great load of sense but his huge arrogance sounds abrasive!
We should take the 'tone' with a pinch of salt though since he's typing in English ever so well and I'm guessing his Italian could convey nuances much better.
I for one think that training in the 'thunderstorn' is best saved for maybe once-a-month sessions, it being a bit too randomly dangerous.
English is not my native language. If there are nuances in my English, there are significant chances I may be totally unware of them. However we should not focus on the fact a sentence like being free of "self-delusions" may seem exaggerated: I was saying that I was writing in a mood free of self-delusions at that moment (want to use instead: serene, perhaps?), not that I am free of self-delusions every instant of my life gee lol

As for the thunderstorm, if you practice it once a month it is an option - but the fact is that it should be practiced daily; once a month, you do the stylish stuff :-)

I know that many persons who are not used to train with the thunderstorm daily consider it dangerous. The fact is, it isn't. It's mostly something in the imagination, or related, probably, to the fact that since many dojos maximize memberships, this policy automatically goes against any wide implementation of martiality. You cannot propose the thunderstorm as a regular workout to 60 yo guys with no previous training, or to ladies that, clearly, have (and rightly so) no intention to go martial.

The only cautions you need to take are, if punches are thrown, to throw them with open hand and at chest level, and tpo avoid concluding aikido throws (once - and if- you are properly set and you conquered your grab and position, the technique is inescapable, so it may suffice to give a mere taste of the throw rather than fulfilling it).

Actually, concluding a kotegaeshi (something that I guess most dojos normally do) is already very dangerous and yet we have been doing it all the while: a full projection determined by a kotegaeshi may throw a person so badly, that s/he may land on his/her neck.

If that happens, the mat won't make any difference...

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