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You have chopped my posts to ribbons and joined disparate lines together just a few posts ago. Belittle you? Come on man. I'm not attacking you. I am pointedly addressing your answers and descriptions of the skills -of others. You are making some very definitive descriptions about what others are doing, and you have most certainly stated they are all explainable and you know how its done. Did you not? Where is that an attack on you?
I am asking you to show it. This a field of interest for many people who are traveling around the world for their knowledge. Since you are so very strong on stating how these things are done why not help out and I'd bet there are many guys down your way who would head over. Where is that attacking you in any way? Can you show me where I challenged your knowledge of mechanics and physics? No you can't. You're over my head. So, I repeatedly ask if you can I just don't see the offense.
Lighten up. Words either mean something or they don't. You have created hundreds of pages with exhaustive descriptions. Since you claim a knowledge these guys are sweating and striving for why not help? We have. Maybe they'd want to compare training tips with someone of your knowledge. Hell, maybe I can make it and we can compare notes and training methods. Is that somehow unreasonable in light of the hundreds of posts you have made on the subject? Are there local guys down there who know you posess these skills?

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