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Mike Patterson
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Re: Freeform Bokken Drills to Develop Aiki Flow

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
the first year was a year of an el nino. So it was probably 1979.
You even gave me the Jow to train iron palm from your stock at your home.
if your father was not in charge, that was probably my misprrception. He was at most all classes and interacted. I interviewed with both of you. Your father took the case of beer as an intoductory gift. I have no idea if you drank it.

You told us a story about a confrontation at Bellmont Park when you introduced us to stomach strength. I remember the story well.

I drove a white Datsun pick up with a camper on it. I parked it twice a week at your home for a year, Tues. And Thurs. If I remember correctly. I introduced you to Parker Linekin. I am sorry you do not remember these things. I will now bow out of this conversation as I do not wish to pry open your privacy over an issue neither you nor I initiated.

Apologies for mispellings. An I-phone does not allow for scrolling reviews or spell check on this site.
There is nothing I would like more than to "bow out" of this inane conversation, Mr. Parkerson. But you won't let me.

I was not in California in 1979.

I know of no story about Bellmont Park nor do I even know of a Bellmont Park.

I "introduced" MYSELF to Parker Linekin as I did many of the folks in San Diego county once I arrived there. I actually walked into his school late one night all by myself on my own two legs.. Imagine that?!

As for all else you say... again, it reads like someone piecing together stories told about me by others. The names, dates, facts, details, etc. are either all mixed up or completely false.

The rest of your statements I have already addressed. Now can we please get off this merry-go-round? Your perspectives about our methods are incorrect. If you were trained at one time by us, you do not remember what was taught. Let's just leave it at that.
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