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Re: Relate to your mind as a clear spacious sky and to the thoughts as clouds.

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IMHO, seeing implies there is something to be seen and some one to see it, therefore still dualistic.

IMHO, the process is just looking and seeing no-thing with no-mind by no-one.

Perhaps we each need to find our own conceptualization which give us permission to let go of past patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting ... to habituate new patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting ... and then to let go and enjoy the view and the ride?

Ultimately, while there may be sky and clouds, there is no-mind. Mind is the illusion. But it can be a very useful one.
That's not dualistic or as I call it now duellistic. What you say there reminds me of a mystic who says you can't know? Well how does he know?

Basically you are in essence a viewpoint. Thus you view, you see. Dualistic applies to a mind not you.

The mind of no mind you can view through too.

So actually the mind(s) are not the illusion they are windows, including the window of nothing, and a nice word folks use when intellectualizing is filters. The false view of the universe is the illusion. As you clear those windows you see and learn more and more and thus your view of the universe changes.

Self, mind(s) and body.

First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is.

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