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Talking Re: aiki ethics and internal training

David Knowlton wrote:
On a less important note I heard that Tohei Sensei liked to drink and tell stories.......damn, I was born too late! (but my Sensei does this pretty well)
My experience with him tends to confirm this, even though I was too young to drink at the time.

I have a memory for stories, so I remember some of the stories he told in class to this day. Most of them were Amusing Anecdotes. He was making a point with them at the time, but I've long since realized that to get that point, you had to be there.

It kind of amuses me, as well, when I'll be in class and I'll remember one of those anecdotes and realize I just got the point he was making only thirty years later.

But the soda can story still resonates to this day and is apropos this thread in a twisted sort of way.

As for his drinking, well, he did. I don't think he does anymore. My dad is still in touch with people who know him and I gather the situation is rather grim.

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