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Re: aiki ethics and internal training

Ron Tisdale "Quote: (D.Knowlton)
So, do I have to be physically skilled at aikido to be a good aikidoka? Or is it more important that I practice to be a better person?"
"Maybe they are equally important. I have to wonder why people pre-suppose that one is mutually exclusive of the other..."

Ron, I thought maybe you were being obtuse. Then I thought that maybe you meant the onus was on me - if I'm a good person my aikido will be good. Rather than cursing my father for my limp, and relying on my doctors to heal me - it's up to me. Maybe, if I truly purify myself my body will reflect it.

Very well. It's my own damn fault I limp, and I'm responsible both for being a good person, and being physically good at aikido.


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