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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

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Sorry Ed I cant explain. why. I feel that way. Blessings to you also.
I visited your webpage and watched some of your videos. Some very nice videos and a nice dojo. When was the last time you came to Kamakura, Japan? I apologize for coming across a little self-serving. The whole concept of KI is something that is pondered very deeply in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and to be honest it sometimes amazes me how much KI is not taught in other forms of Aikido. I'm still very much a beginner in the extension/application of Ki, but I know from practicing with the Ki Society for a few years, KI comes across to many as a feeling, when it relates more to a projection of energy. We as humans tend to rationalize this energy release as a feeling in many instances. When or if you practice Ki breathing (misogi) you can feel the release of energy leaving your body when you breath-out and you can feel the intake of this energy when breathing in through your nose, to your one point (hara). Becoming one with the universe. Now that is exciting. May God bless you sensei!!!


"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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