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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Alex,

What level was the teacher, at the class you visited? what were they lacking? and what was it about Maruyama, that you found so impressive?
This was quite a few years ago - I guess the teacher was shodan or nidan, which of course isn't an advanced grade in any sense, but he was senior to me at the time, and I was expecting more, given my preconceptions of the Tohei line.

I really liked Maruyama's teaching manner and humble presence in the class, and his aikido seemed to me to be on an unusually high level. As an example, one time he asked me out as uke to hold him ushiro munedakishime (bear-hug from behind), and I felt there was absolutely nothing there to hold. Then I fell over. Mind you, I have felt similar things from teachers within the Aikikai: for instance from Kanetsuka, Yamaguchi and Yamashima Senseis.

I've been following the arguments over what constitutes kokyu skills on these boards for years, probably best to leave that can of worms with the lid on for now.
Yup, hence my brevity...


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