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Re: Thoughts on Creating a Training Mat?

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I've noticed that a few places online sell "jigsaw" mats for use, and we were thinking about getting a few of those and plugging them all together in our back yard (atop a tarp maybe, as back yard is rocks). I'm just curious, do any of you have experience with these jigsaw mats, and are they good for Aikido training? I mainly just want to make sure that they hold up fairly well, can be taken down/set up relatively quickly, and will actually provide some sort of cushion for Aikido based techniques. Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks much for your time!
At my church we have puzzle mats that the Martial Arts Club used for Aikido. They are 40" x 40" and 1 5/8" thick. Similar to these.

They were quick and easy to put down and take up.

For practice we would take them out of storage closet and assembly them. After practice we would then have to take them up and put them away. Very portable.

The floor they laid on was concrete with a thin worn out carpet with no pad under the carpet. They were firm and comfortable. My son and I took many a hard fall on them with no problem.

I would recommend them for your purpose.


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