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Re: Aikdio vs. someone using a boxing style?

Just my take on this question. No real right/wrong answers, whatever works then worked.

Boxers have to readjust after every strike and will rarely (quickly) shoot on the same side unless it is a jab. Pick a direction and keep that circle going. You probably will get hit a couple times but your goal is to survive. If you have to make a quick irimi/tenkan and try to intercept that wrist/elbow/forearm ikkyo style then you have all your techniques. In almost every technique your body almost touches uke at the hip. You are at home in the clinch, if you can touch him and he can touch you, he is yours. Do your techniques the same way as with wrist grab but grab his wrist and then let him try to pull off of your center. But I cannot emphasize enough, dont look for a technique but take them as they come.

Make them throw that proverbial first punch and enter on you. Talk smack if you have to. If they want to fight you then put them down as quick as possible but if they are calling you a pansy the just take it and laugh about how easy it would be to snap their favorite arm.

You are not sparring for giggles when confronted with the real thing. If you head on one of these guys then you deserve to have your butt handed to you. You either get in and take control of his body through his head (tenchi nage and irimi nage work well, but you are gonna get hit) or you make this guy come and get you if he wants the fight bad enough.
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