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Re: Aikdio vs. someone using a boxing style?

Probably because Karate is a striking art and you can appreciate that if you kick or punch someone that it's going to be effective in stopping them. Aikido is more abstract.

This debate throws up several problems that for all my effort I can't solve. I've done kick boxing and a bit of boxing so I can punch like a boxer to a certain extent. I often do thought experiments, contemplate senarios, usually against myself. The only way I can see a boxer beaten with Aikido is if the boxer does something totally stupid. The way I see it provided space isn't too much of an issue the boxer can't catch the evasive Aikidoka and the Aikidoka can never get into a position to perform a technique. If space is an issue I reckon that the odds are heavily in favour of the boxer.
The only technique I think you could possibly do is irime nage ura.

Aikido is dependent on leading the opponent into a position where he's off balance or to one where kuzushi can be applied and boxers move in to much of a controlled and stable manner for that.
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