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Re: Aikdio vs. someone using a boxing style?

There's a book on this subject which was written about a hundred years ago (literaly) but with Jiujitsu (or judo?) instead of aikido. I found it on my grandmother's bookshelves shortly after I started aikido... and I'm not quite sure where it is now. Anyway, it's full of illustrations of how "the jiujitsu man" will beat the boxer every time. Given that there is a close family resemblance between many jiujitsu, judo, and aikido techniques, it would be interesting if you could dig this one up. It's also entertaining for the photos of late 19th/early 20th century Japanese guys in different-colored hakamas and gis, and in tight-collared Edwardian suits.

Not really answering your question, but that's what came to mind. I think that the main issue would be to somehow stick to the boxer, so you have a point of contact for a throw, pin, or choking technique. Try getting behind, if you can... otherwise, I don't know.
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