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Re: A New Column: It Had to be Felt - ONCE AGAIN

At the end of each IHTBF column are a set of rules (they were, apparently omitted during the original posting of the latest column on Shirata Rinjiro sensei, but they were up by the second day). They clearly give the criteria for posting in response to the column, something that is outlined in detail in this, the original column. To sum up once again, subsequent posts should a) be about the writer's personal, direct experience in taking ukemi with the subject of the column b) should be as substantive as the original posters column c) should make no direct reference to the original column or subsequent ones, positive or negative - if a follow-up writer has any disagreement with a previous one, simply write your own experience, and let it stand on its own merits. The readers of the various posts can read each as a stand-alone report and make their own conclusions.
As this column is meant to be an archive of direct experience, follow up comments, no matter how enthusiastic or otherwise praiseworthy, are the equivalent of graffiti.
If you wish to praise a writer, or the teacher he/she writes about, or wish to start a discussion on some aspect you perceive in the column, please start a new thread elsewhere on the website.
am still surprised that people can read through an article, and right above the button that they would click to post a reply are quite explicit rules. Which some folks ignore.
Please approach this particular column with the same spirit I assume you approach your practice in the dojo - there are rules, some of which you may think are extraneous or unnecessary - but they are the rules of that dojo and surely, there you conform. Here, too, if you please.
---And if by some chance, you find the rules unclear, please write suggestions here. I am also happy to discuss - here - once again, why we have established the rules we have for this column.
Ellis Amdur

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