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Updates on IHTBF

Although one or two other people may come to mind, I've just about finished my (personal) set of essays in this column. I will, however, continue to moderate this column, in cooperation with Jun.

I've made a number of requests to people whom I respect, asking that they write columns, similar to those of Robert Mustard and Henry Ellis, to name only two contributors, about some of the great teachers whom they have encountered. So there will be more columns in this archive in the future. I have about eight or nine essays promised.

According to my arrangement with Jun, this column is confined to aikido teachers, Aikiweb being a site dedicated to aikido. I have written a similar column on my experience with Akuzawa Minoru, but based on this understanding, I've posted it HERE, on my own website. Simply scroll down the page. I decided to write on Akuzawa for several reasons, starting with my deep respect for both his martial practice and for him as a man. Furthermore, his training background is such that what he teaches can surely have a profound impact on one's aikido practice, as a number of individuals could testify.

It is possible that I will write similar articles in the future, regarding my contact with other martial arts figures of my acquaintance. Time will tell.

Ellis Amdur

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