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Re: The Restoration of Peace

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Well, I mean that we can view the universe in terms of entropy and enthalpy, but the current view is that entropy will ultimately prevail until everything more or less just stops. We're not experts, so maybe this is a pointless question, but my understanding is that ultimately the universe will not balance itself back out; that it is gradually cooling to an end-state...kind of a superlative state of peace. I was just curious how you see this idea applying.
'They' call it infared death ... classically an utter monotonous uniformity on a cosmic scale. Quantum effects put a kink in that idea. Thankfully, our current best understanding of the working of the universe is pathetically unimpressive on the grand scale. Transistors, quantum computing and gravitational lensing is one thing but the fate of the universe is quite another.

In either case if ones conception of reality is contradicted by the current 'standard models' generally they are wrong. Just because Einstein went beyond Newton does not free us to fly around the planet free from the bounds of classical gravitational theory.

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