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Been training A couple years here recently I have been trying to get my turn or spiral tighter on my ura kotegaeshi,s.i use to do it hip to hip and use the kotegaeshi arm as a fulcrum but here lately I seen an old seminar on tape with yamaguichi. Sensei going to jodan first with his lead hand and cutting down witch brings uke around nice also have seen elbow atemi to the back .any tips thanks
That's certainly one way to do it.

This is one of those things where there are so many different (yet effective) ways to do it that it just get's ridiculous. I find that it's good to play around with different methods and find what works for you in different circumstances. For example, my current sensei likes to make sure uke has a bent elbow when you perform the tenkan and do the whole technique at shoulder height. It's a bit odd, but it seems to work and is very gentle.
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