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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

The last time that I used YOUR words to prove my point, you blew your mental cork and demonstrated how little depth you really have. I don't need to repeat that process again. Instead, Lets take this quote above:

1) List the exact Japanese that this interpretation comes from.
2) Describe the context of this "quote." Was it O'Sensei's direct writings? Was it it somebody writing down his words? Was it a verbal quote, electronically recorded? etc.
3) List the date and location in which this quote was taken?
4) What was the entirety of what was said and written?
5) Who translated the Japanese and when?

Without that information being taken into account, the Golden Equilibrium still applies.

Marc Abrams
It applies for you yes. Limited. I understand it. I use it. I apply it. I demonstrate it. I'll leave you and your intellect to 'reason' it that way.

As I said, "That's more like it".

I don't think I blow mental corks though. Another false perception?