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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
In a convoluted way, I actually was able to follow your logic somewhat. Granted, there is also the spiritual domain, and I see a strong spirit in conjunction with a coordinated mind and body being superior to a weak spirit and coordinated mind and body, but the spirit alone will not provide for effective development of IS/IP - Actually, those of us following Dan's methods are very spiritual in our own ways; we have to be in order to have the wisdom to recognize the importance of this knowledge and to generate the committed motivation to obtain those skills


By almost understanding him, you will be awarded an honorary degree in psychology ! I hate to break it to people, but the distinction between "mind" & "body" is an artificial construct created by us humans. Boy would I like to see a mind without a functional attachment to a body. I have seen bodies that I have questioned any link to a useful mind..... Now "spirituality" is simply another construct that has a purpose designed to create some order & understanding for us lowly humans. This construct cannot be separated from "mind" anymore than a mind can exist separate from a body.

Now that the facts of life have been explained, how long does will this nonsense continue?


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