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Re: Why no tsuba?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Not really. Look at at about 24 seconds.

proper cut? Perhaps by using a rubber sword?
Mary /Cliff,
The vids you quote are basic exercises in Chiba Senseis school.Kiri otoshi, tsuri otoshi and a couple of others whose names I cannot remember at present are done.The main one done atJodan /Chudan , gedan level is kiri otoshi. Uke is Robert Savoca.When we used to train in these movements some people wore hockey gloves to protect wrist, knuckles.They also used gloves when doing Jo work.Maki otoshi, otoshi tsuki in particular could give you a rap on the hands if you were not careful.One of my mates sustained a very swollen hand acting as Uke doing this waza. Cheers, Joe

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