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Re: True Warfare

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By the way rose tinted glasses is yet another meaningless statement created by ego to keep people negative I would say.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, too. Saying it's "meaningless" seems just as potentially ego-driven to me. It's a valid point to make that people often look to great men and affix more of a personal/subjective truth to the objective reality. From what I can see of the "harmony" (heiwa) interpretation of Aikido, it's a fair reminder to make from time to time. I'm an idealist at heart, so I often need such reminders. Of course we ought not easily forsake the ideals for the facility of pragmatism, but sometimes we must start at the bottom of the proverbial mountain, away from the bedrock of those lofty positions. I think O Sensei recognized this kind of baseline of reality and it was from this realization that his ideals of reconciling the world took their deepest meaning. Sometimes people have to's just less often than many might think, unfortunately.
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