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Thomas Campbell
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Cool "Martial Movement" Wiki

Tim Fong, who occasionally posts here at AikiWeb, is hosting a non-sectarian Wiki on training "martial movement" principles at his blog:

Rob John contributed items from the Aunkai training regiment to start the Wiki off, but it's wide-open to contributions from others as well.

Here's how Tim expresses the purpose of the Wiki:

"Martial Movement

This wiki is designed to help people learn more about martial movement. Specifically, we are interested in documenting training methods that allow top level practitioners of Asian martial arts to move powerfully and effectively. Training methods must show demonstrable results and be repeatable with a wide student population.

We distinguish this type of martial movement from the current sports science paradigm. We don't know yet how different it is, but we know that it is different. Typically the training systems we want to document here come out of the old qi/ki paradigm. Although there is plenty of trickery and fraud, there is also a kernel of truth to some types of training. We are here to discover that kernel, document it and translate it into terms which can be understood by modern people operating from an empirical background.

We are devoted to sharing information for the betterment of everyone."

In describing the need for open exchange with this kind of practice, Tim writes elsewhere: Open source baby =) We use Leibniz's notation for a reason =) Newton was very successful at keeping his secrets, but he also died a virgin.
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