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Mike Sigman
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Re: Article: What is Aiki? by George S. Ledyard

Tim Fong wrote:
You know, thinking about the heaven-earth-man phraseology and then juji, it makes me think O'Sensei was talking about the cross in the upper chest/back.
Me, too. In fact, all the discussions by O-Sensei about the cross, heaven-earth, 8 powers, etc., present such a common cross-section to the ancient terminology of the so-called "internal" skills, that it becomes impossible to either gloss over or to reconcile as some form of coincidence.

Here's the "cross", BTW:

Until someone meaningfully reconciles these fairly obvious factors with "aiki", we'll never have a complete discuss of "Aiki" in the way that O-Sensei meant it, because these are the terms that he used.

My 2 cents.

Mike Sigman
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