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Re: Equitable?

Pauliina Lievonen wrote:
Let's make a little thought experiment: Let's pretend there actually are excellent female instructors in the world, who go unrecognized, because they're female. Just humor me for a moment. In this case, since they aren't recognized as the excellent aikidoka they are, they wouldn't get invited based on their skills. Right?

Now whether or not one chooses to believe this is the case at this moment in the aikido world, is really the question I think. Apparently most people responding to this thread so far believe this not to be the case - there are only a couple female instructors invited, because there are so few that are good enough to choose from in the first place.

Well, no one said that there were so few that are good enough to choose from in the first place until you brought it up. There may be instructors out there who go unrecognized because they are female - that's really not Stan Pranin's problem, he has to choose instructors who will draw people to his event. In any case, there are plenty of unrecognized instructors who will never be invited to such an event - I bet that I could name twenty 6th and 7th dans that you have never heard of and are very fine instructors.

So once again - do you really think that the solution to gender-based discrimination is to choose instructors based upon their gender?



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