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Re: Equitable?

Michael Ellefson wrote:
Once again, no one from Koichi Tohei Sensei's lineage either. A shame.
Shizuo Imaizumi sensei taught at last year's Aiki Expo. Although he is not connected with Ki Society, he trained for many years under Koichi Tohei sensei.

I think organizing an event such as the Aiki Expo is difficult to begin with, even without actively trying to meet all sorts of demands of organization, style, gender, and such. Having helped organized "cross-style" seminars such as the Aikido-L Seminars and the AikiWeb Workshop, I can only imagine the sensitive politics of who Stanley is able to invite and so forth. There are, I'm sure, limitations to his reach.

Nonetheless, I'm impressed (perhaps overwhelmed) by the number of instructors this year. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and training with the likes of Ushiro sensei, Kondo sensei, Tissier sensei, and others. It should once again be an interesting weekend...

In any case, you might want to post on the Aikido Journal website with your thoughts. I'm sure Stanley would be interested in hearing them; he's a very reasonable and approachable fellow from my experiences. I'm sure he'd welcome your thoughts.

-- Jun

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