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Re: Ki is Kindness.

Therefore I put it to you (oh dear, this is starting to look like an intellectual argument) that my mention of spiritual puts some people off and that my evidence is my experience and my ability and so I can only teach what I know and say what I know but I never say it'sahhhh feel.
Not me. Lets keep the focus on the post you made. If you have a spiritual component of your argument I do not oppose that component. I only oppose the "you don't know me" excuse to explaining how you arrived at your conclusion. What interview with O'Sensei are you citing? Where is the transcript? Or was the interview interpreted? If so, by whom? How did you derive your statement from the context of the interview? What Shihan support this viewpoint? Is your viewpoint a progeny of your own deduction, or were they any contributions from others? These are all great questions to which I would like to see the answer. You are explaining a point and I am all for the ride but you're not bringing me along... This stuff is all elementary to an educational thesis, I'm trying to get learned here after all. Check out those members on this forum who have solid writing. Hell, Dr. Goldsbury writes half his posts in Japanese (I can't even figure out how to insert the dang symbols). You wanna play with the big boys, you gotta come with something... Every river begins as a trickle in the mud, right? I got some popcorn for a good read if it takes you a while.

Here's a thought for you. In all of my posts no one ever asked me a question from the viewpoint that I knew more than them or equally as much as them. They either put down what I said or challenged it for the most part which believe it or not I was surprised by. I have stated I have spiritual construct, principles which can be practiced but no one asked what they are. I have stated that there is a spiritual side, a mental side and a physical side to all techniques and principles in Aikido but I work from the view that when someone asks specifically on one aspect of Aikido and how that applies to that one thing then they are not ready for any more explanation.
Correct. You are not a just-add-water aikido expert just because your post something. To ask others to submit to your ethos without credentials is preposterous. Some of the cats on this forum are so long in the tooth they're practically ice-age. You're gonna cram down their throats some jibber jabber, then contest they are not giving your props? My hands get sweaty when some of these lifers read my posts... Then you gonna tell them they're not ready to hear your message? Wow. You want these cats to respect your thinking? Prove to them its legit.

I may not agree with your comments, but if its solid I can respect your argument. "Source citing is important..." According to Wikipedia Abraham Lincoln said this after defeating the Klingons at Gettysburg to end the Revolutionary War.
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