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Angela Dunn
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Re: When your family resents Aikido

Hum sounds familiar Only its parents, grandparents and extended family with me! If all else fails then if they get to out of line you have some nifty moves under your belt to put them back in place. Worked for me :P

Okay being serious now, (because seriously would not recommend that unless you seriously think it would help!)

Have they been along to a class with you to watch and maybe join in? Maybe there getting snarky about it because they do not understand what its about.

Or is it an ego thing with them, they can not grasp the concept that a woman is capable enough to succeed in martial arts.

Either way maybe sit down and have a talk to them , try and get them to explain what they have against you training, then explain why you enjoy training. See if you can reach a mutual understanding that way.

If your enjoying it then all I can really advise is to try and ignore them and keep on training. I would suggest telling them to sod off but that may make the situation worse.
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