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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

THANK YOU for writing this article - I'm so glad that you are happy to stand up and say what many of us feel - that Aikido should be about many things, not just how to do technique harder!

Regrettably it has been my experience that the young macho male attitude is still very prevalent, even in dojo where the chief instructor is a strong supporter of women in Aikido. These young men may be able to throw each other around very hard, but they can't teach anybody anything. They are poor training partners, as their measures of success are solely based on their own selfish goals. A large part of Aikido is helping others, and these guys just don't get that.

George S. Ledyard wrote:
Recently a book on Aikido appeared in which the author, a senior Aikido practitioner, stated that any fourth kyu male in his dojo could take any woman in Aikido in a fight. The sheer lack of sensitivity it took to make such a statement tends to hide the fact that it also shows a complete misunderstanding of what Aikido is all about.
Can you tell me who the author is, and the name of the book? PM me if you'd rather not say on the forum!

Thanks again,

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