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Hagen Seibert
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Cool turning the fist ?

There are some bassic possibilities to perform a straight punch:

a) turning the fist, so the knuckles line up horizontally, like in classic karate

b) without turning the fist, the knuckles line up vertically, like in wing tsun or JKD, hitting with the 3 lower knuckles

c) without turning the fist like b, but hitting with the 2 upper knuckles ( Connelly Jujitsu )

d) i might also mention the version I saw in a book by Dillman, turning the fist 45

I feel a) will stop your forward movement which makes it suitable for performing into the air, whereas b) and c) will keep you going forward

Im aware this is not something aikido people are most competent, but maybe some of you have experience ?

Which one is better?
Which one fits better into aikido practice?
I feel this is c)
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