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John Riggs wrote:
Jane: good information. Another input on the glucosamine-it probably should not be taken by diabetics and asthmatics.

Taking the GS with food can help with the GI problems.

Also, I refuse to even try Sam-e due to it's ridiculously high cost.
Thanks John

I'd've put in more but I know that I'm already verbose. As for the diabetics aspect, I've seen a lot of conjecture in that regard (as it is a glucos-amine base in chemical structure) but each time I see this suggestion of caution (possible rise in blood glucose) there is often a following remark that there has yet to be a scientific study in that regard. Maybe there has, let me know if you know of one.

As for asthma, I've got asthma and have loaded the GS with no difficulties. What have you seen in terms of negative effects?

With regard to the SAMe, I got it at Costco so it was about as cheap as the high grade GS. Like I said, the joint status improvement was okay, but it really made a difference in handling the stresses of caca-heads at school. 'Oh, you lost all of my lower-division records?' It just rolled right off, and I didn't even know of the mood altering effects of SAMe.

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