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I can only speak for the Aikido training I was taught and still teach when addressing your statement above.

Assumption 1; by "more-less standard Aikido training" I assume you are referring to technique practice, empty hand and with weapons, with a partner and solo weapons training.
Techniques, movements (tsugi ashi, okuri ashi, ayumi ashi, irimi etc), falls aka ukemi (front, back, sideways aka yoko ukemi or what most people call "high falls" etc.), various drills (uke nagashi, kuzushi etc.), drilling of attacks (shomen, yokomen, tsuki, uraken etc.), weapons work (with and without partners), kokyu ho exercises, stretching and recuperation (massages) exercises and anything else like counters, chained techniques etc.

Your basic physical exercise techniques that (almost) anybody can do.

I have never known Aikido training that didn't include exercises designed to develop and strengthen a unified mind and body. Those exercises are an integral part of standard Aikido training for me and have been for four decades. So going "outside Aikido" to learn to develop Aiki has no meaning for me.
So you can exhibit similar aiki properties like Sensei Goldberg in this video ?
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