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Re: 6th kyu forever

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Two points: first, as John pointed out, you haven't been commenting anonymously. With a couple clicks, anyone can see exactly what dojo and what senseis you've been training with.

Second, about paying mat fees and hopping from teacher to teacher and dojo to dojo, this is acceptable if you're looking for a dojo. Longer term, I think most dojo are going to have a problem with it. If you're going to an exercise studio, it's normal and expected behavior: you take a class here, a class there, and if you're a "member" it has a very different meaning. What you contribute is your money, period. You walk in, do your thing, and leave. Even if you're in a class, you're all by yourself -- you don't depend on the presence of others to practice. If you don't show up? So much the better, more profit for them and you won't be missed. The economics of exercise studios depend on a large number of people paying fees and a smaller number of people actually using the services. Dojos, on the other hand, depend on member participation to survive. Economically, most dojos just get by: they can't afford a paid staff for cleaning and maintenance, so it has to be done by students and senseis (students cleaning the mats isn't just some quaint custom, it's a practical necessity). And in terms of the practice, a dojo needs members to support each other's training. How would you have fared in your first weeks if there were no other, more experienced students for you to train with?

Hopping from dojo to dojo really is a path to remaining "6th kyu forever". It may work as a temporary necessity, but it's not the way forward.
No, I disagree. I didn't publish my web site link here; John did. I could've said to John that he had no right to publish my web site link here, but I didn't because some will argue that the Internet is all about free speech. Of course, someone who had the wherewithal to use Google search would look for my name and web page and find it, but like I said, most people don't do that because they don't care.

I get the economics of dojos. I get that memberships are what keeps dojos running, but if I truly want to find the right dojo for me, it's better if I take a few classes first to see if a dojo is really right for me and then join. At this point, I'm really concerned about just jumping in head first and joining another dojo again because of what happened the first time. I'm upset and frustrated. I'm sure you'll understand this. I'm familiar with the Wednesday teacher at the other dojo. I'll take his classes first and when I feel right about everything, I'll take other classes with other teachers and then I'll join if it feels right. If you've read the chain of events in this entire thread, it's about "well, I cared about advancing beyond 6th kyu at first, but now I don't care about it. It's about finding the right path."

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